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Walimex 19942 Pro Floating Tripod Stabypod XS 40 cm Carbon OUTLET

The Walimex 19942 Pro Floating Tripod Stabypod XS 40 cm Carbon enables smooth camera movements. You can easily balance the floating tripod with weights and variable adjustment options. 

The floating tripod has a rubber-coated carrier for optimal wearing comfort. The integrated camera housing has a narrow scale and can be moved forwards and backwards and from left to right. The tripod is extendable to a maximum of 40 centimetres and comes with a handy storage bag. 

Features of the Walimex 19942 Pro Floating Tripod Stabypod XS 40 cm Carbon

  • Stable shots, even with fast camera movements
  • Camera mount: 10 x 5 cm
  • Counterweight: 4x 100 grams
  • Extendable up to 40 cm
  • Rubber Coated Carrier
  • Camera housing with scale
  • Can be balanced with weights and adjustment options


  • The Walimex 19942 Pro Floating Tripod Stabypod XS 40 cm
  • Storage bag

OUTLET = Extra savings while maintaining service and warranty!

What are OUTLET products?

Our procurement team is always on the lookout for the best available deals, which means we are frequently offered special consignments consisting, for example, of demo models, (customer) returns, surplus stock or slightly damaged and refurbished stock (repaired and back in full working order). The products are always in good condition and have been thoroughly checked by the brand in question prior to being sent to us.

Why buy OUTLET products?

  • Extra discount on standard retail price
  • Risk-free as all items undergo thorough checks
  • Full warranty and service
  • Sourced from official suppliers
  • Hassle-free returns





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Type de trépiedTrépied vidéoGénéral
Monopode amovibleNeeGénéral
Niveau à bulleNeeGénéral
Ecarteur centralNeeGénéral
Ecarteur de solNeeGénéral
Connexion de mesure1/4Général
Poids (en grammes)600.00Format et Emballage
Type têteTête vidéoTête de trépied
Sac inclusJaDétails techniques
Hauteur maximale (cm)24.5Détails techniques
Hauteur maximale (cm)40.0Détails techniques
Capacité de charge (kg)1.5Détails techniques

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