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BenQ PD3200Q 32" HD AMVA+ Monitor Matte Black Outlet

The BenQ PD3200Q is a 32 inch (81 cm) monitor, suitable for creative and professional designers who, thanks to 10-bit colour depth, Rec. 709 and standard RGB colour space (sRGB) and 2560x1440 resolution experience enhanced graphics. Using one of the three display modes (Darkroom, CAD/CAM and Animation) allows you to work with a smoother workflow, as these modes emphasize the details in different ways, making editing, creating and visualizing easier. The WQHD resolution ensures clear and detailed images and the monitor has the Technicolour Colour certificate, which guarantees not only uniform and accurate colours, but also impressive colour reproduction. 

The Darkroom mode adjusts the brightness and contrast of the images, so that details are displayed more clearly and sharply, and you can work optimally in a dark environment. The revolutionary CAD/CAM mode provides excellent contrast to enhance lines and edges in technical illustrations. The best display performance is achieved with Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CATIA and other CAD/CAM software. Animation mode brings more detail to dark shades, so you can effortlessly fine-tune your creations. The areas that do not require this function remain unchanged.

The PD3200Q also features the KVM switch system, which makes it possible for you to display and manage two PC systems on one screen with one keyboard and mouse. With DualView, you can for instance split the screen and display two designs side by side in different display modes (such as sRGB and CAD/Cam mode). The monitor is also adjustable in height, tilt and swivel, and Auto Pivot automatically adjusts the content to be displayed. In addition, Eye Care prevents flickering of the image, BenQ's unique Low Blue Light technology reduces the blue light from the display, allowing you to work healthier. 

Features of the BenQ PD3200Q 32" HD AMVA+ Monitor Outlet

  • 32" monitor with 2560x1440 resolution
  • 100% Rec. 709 and sRGB with VA technology
  • Darkroom, CAD/CAM and Animation Display Mode
  • CAD/CAM and animation mode for a precise and detailed design
  • DualView function
  • KVM Switch System
  • Eye Care Technology


  • BenQ PD3200Q 32" HD AMVA+ Monitor
  • Power cable
  • DP to mDPI 1.2 cable
  • HDMI 1.4 cable
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Instructions
  • Three-year guarantee

OUTLET = Extra savings while maintaining service and warranty!

What are OUTLET products?

Our procurement team is always on the lookout for the best available deals, which means we are frequently offered special consignments consisting, for example, of demo models, (customer) returns, surplus stock or slightly damaged and refurbished stock (repaired and back in full working order). The products are always in good condition and have been thoroughly checked by the brand in question prior to them being sent to us.

Why buy OUTLET products?

  • Extra savings compared to standard retail price
  • No risk due to thorough checks
  • Full warranty and service
  • Sourced from official suppliers
  • Can be freely returned





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Type HDQualité d'image
Luminosité (cd / m2)300Qualité d'image
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Temps de réponse (ms)4.00Qualité d'image
sRGBQualité d'image
Vitesse de renouvellement (Hz)75 HzQualité d'image
Résolution d'image maximale2560x1440Qualité d'image
Espace colorimétriquesRGBQualité d'image
Profondeur de couleurs1 billion colours (10 bit)Qualité d'image
Diagonale de l'écran (pouces)32.0Écran
Ratio d'aspectÉcran
Écran inclinableJaÉcran
Écran tactileNeeÉcran
Forme (plat / courbe)Écran
Type d'écranAMVAÉcran
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Version USB-hubConnectivité
Nombre de ports USB type A descendantsConnectivité
Port DVIConnectivité
Entrée HDMIJaConnectivité
Entrée VGANeeConnectivité
Entrée DisplayPortJaConnectivité
Hauteur (mm)491Format et Emballage
Largeur (mm)740Format et Emballage
Profondeur (mm)223Format et Emballage
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